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News - SA-MP Live, a free San Andreas Multiplayer community modification

SA-MP Live is a third party modification for SA-MP, which is a third party multiplayer modification of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. It is a feature packed in-game overlay which enables players to surf the web, add, remove, and chat with friends one on one, or in groups and track your playing time, all whilst in game.

SA-MP Live was created and developed by StrickenKid, with the help of Blacklite with the server architecture, and the hosting from SACNR.

Please note: SA-MP Live is currently in public beta, and is not yet stable. If you encounter any bugs/crashes while using SA-MP Live, please report them on the Forum.

SA-MP Live now supports 0.3e

SA-MP Live is back up and supports SA-MP 0.3e!

SA-MP Live is back up!

After over a month of being down, we're finally back up an running. We're very sorry for the downtime.

SA-MP Live Team